Northumberland x Pin Point Adventure Offer a New Way to See Hadrian's Wall

Ian and Tom Hopper are the father and son team behind Pin Point Adventure that teamed up with Northumberland in order to strum up interest in snowshoe tours around the heritage site.

The excursion gives people a view of Hadrian's Wall that they'd never see otherwise, since the snowshoes give them the ability to walk far out into areas of deep snow where they would otherwise sink. On the walking tour, groups are taught survival skills like how to build a shelter from the snow, or how to heat water that will boil in a matter of minutes, no matter how harsh the weather conditions.

Those who are wary about venturing out into the snow will find solace in the fact that Ian has an International Mountain Leader Award, meaning he's qualified to take groups trekking from anywhere from Everest to Mount Blanc.