Behold, the SnowChuck

 - Feb 13, 2007   Updated: Apr 13 2011
References: snowchuck & skateboard.about
The SnowChuck is the ultimate snowball launcher, allowing you to throw snowballs from far away without getting cold fingers. Plus it only costs $10.

Implications - Snowball fights are a big part of childhood, especially on those show days when school was cancelled and you had all the time in the world to roll around in the snow with some pals. Like everything else in today's society, snowball fights have received a technological update with the SnowChuck. Kids won't have to rock triple-layered gloves to keep their fingers from freezing over during snowballs fights; instead, they can use this virtually hands-free snowball device. Hey, maybe you can revisit your childhood and start a snowball fight in your neighborhood!