The Einhell Manual Snow Blower Clears Snow Easily When Pushed

 - Feb 17, 2016
References: amazon & odditymall
Gas and electricity-powered snow blowers are popular amongst many people, but the Einhell Manual Snow Blower is designed to deliver a similar result without the need for power (except human power, that is).

Looking like a traditional snow shovel, the shovel works by being pushed along a snowy path. Instead of pushing snow in front, the design churns it to the right side to easily cut down on the amount of lifting and transporting required after a snowfall.

The foldable design of the Einhell Manual Snow Blower makes it easily stored when the winter season is over, while the comfortable handles make it a breeze to push. The low cost of the unit paired with the powerless design means double cost savings when compared to a traditional snow blower.