Peace and Quiet Gain the Upper Hand at Night with the Snore-Stopper

 - Jun 5, 2013
References: shop.donkey-products & swiss-miss
The Snore-Stopper, designed by the clever minds at Donkey Creativ Lab, is definitely one of the most satisfying ways to silence a heavy snorer once and for all.

Partners who snore know how straining it can be on a relationship when a lack of peaceful slumber is combined with obnoxiously loud nasal sounds. When using this handy device, you instantly gain a weapon to defeat the evil snore that lurks at night, just give the culprit a light punch in the face whenever they start up. Children on sleepovers, newlywed couples and siblings who share a room will all enjoy using this nifty snore-silencing tool.

Don't let snores keep you up at night, beat them to the punch with the Snore-Stopper and enjoy the quiet.