Snacktops' Food Couplers Let Consumers Hold Food and Drinks Together

 - Jan 5, 2017
References: snacktops & restaurantnews
Snacktops' Food Couplers are an innovative way to free up space for consumers who need to take their food and beverage on the run immediately after ordering it. The containers fit directly over top of most shapes of beverages, from cans to bottles to soft drink cups, allowing consumers to hold both their snacks and their drinks in a single hand when they're on the move.

The Snacktops Food Couplers were recently piloted at Yankee Stadium, where they were a success both with the baseball fans who used them and with the vendors who sold them. Stadiums and arenas are indeed the ideal vending place for the Food Couplers, since every consumer who places an order is guaranteed to be heading back to their seats immediately. The containers' ability to free up an extra hand is extremely convenient in this way.