This Infographic Unveils the Cost of Smurf Villages

 - Aug 7, 2013
References: movoto
With Smurfs 2 out in theaters on July 31, 2013, this infographic was made specifically as a shout-out to Gargamel, letting him know just how much the Smurfs' village costs if he wanted to own it fair and square.

As Gargamel's plan is always to find the Smurfs and take over their village, he should be warned that this mini town is not cheap -- in fact, it's $170,800. The price was carefully calculated with many factors in mind so the evil villain would be well-informed. The infographic shares that the Smurf village is actually located in Belgium, and each of the 100 homes is a comfortable fit for a 9-inch Smurf. Using price listings from Belgium, the final value was calculated.

This infographic shows that the Smurfs are open to sharing with Gargamel -- as long as he pays the price.