The smrtGRiPS Can Be Added to Any Flat Handlebar

 - Jan 13, 2015
References: & gizmag
Montreal-based company Boreal Bikes is developing a smart bicycle handlebar system dubbed smrtGRiPS, that can be added to any existing flat handlebar and give the cyclist navigational help.

Each grip consists of a chunk of rubber paired with a waterproof cylindrical component that is inserted in the handlebar tube. Each unit includes a rechargeable battery, Bluetooth module and vibrating motor.

The smrtGRiPS communicate wirelessly with a companion app on the user's smartphone, with the left or right grips vibrating when the appropriate turn is required.

The smrtGRiPS also come of use when bikes are misplaced or stolen. Missing bikes can be detected by any users of the app within a 100 meter radius. Once detected, an alert is sent to the cyclist letting them know the approximate location of their bike.