The SmartWallit Keeps Your Money Safe from Thieves and Forgetfulness

 - Apr 15, 2013
References: kickstarter & gizmag
Those who consider themselves forgetful, and who carry a wallet, are going to want to check out the SmartWallit. The Kickstarter concept lets you track your wallet using your smartphone using Bluetooth and an accompanying app. The SmartWallit weighs only 0.9 ounces and fits snugly into your wallet. The app lets you track the location of your wallet from up to 100 feet away. If your wallet is lost, the smartphone app can be used to turn on an alert that will guide you towards its location. Additionally, the SmartWallit can be used to help you find a lost phone. Tapping the device will cause your phone to beep until found.

The SmartWallit can always be programmed to track every time you open your wallet, making it easier to track spending. You can even set it to beep on a timer, a feature useful in areas where pickpockets may be lurking. The project is seeking $40,000 of funding on Kikcstarter; it currently has just under $34,000 committed towards it.