Apple Wants to Give Dropped iPhones a Painless Landing

 - Dec 4, 2014
References: appleinsider & gizmag
Apple has picked up a patent for futuristic smartphone protection technology that will be able to detect when a smartphone has been dropped, figure out how far away it is from the ground and adjust the phone's rotation mid-air so it lands in a way that minimizes damage to the phone's critical components. The patent was awarded to Nicholas King and Fletcher Rothkopf of Apple.

This smartphone protector technology consists of a device that uses motion sensors to detect free-falls, before making calculations about the phone's trajectory and point of impact. Once this information is gathered, the device then alters the phone's orientation and angular momentum as it hurtles towards the ground.

Some of the methods that could be used to achieve this include movement of a weight inside the device, rotating motors or aerodynamic airfoils.