The Shuffle Three 'Audiovase' Plays Smartphone Music without Power

 - May 10, 2016
References: shufflethree & yankodesign
Smartphone music speakers usually require a Bluetooth or physical connection in order to operate, but the Shuffle Three 'Audiovase' takes a more analog approach. Requiring no plugs, cables, cords or batteries, the Shuffle Three 'Audiovase' simply works by amplifying the sound emitted by a built-in smartphone speaker.

The sculptural design of the Shuffle Three 'Audiovase' makes it look and appear as though it is a digital device. However, the simplistic design of the interior components actually require no power to operate and thus make enjoying music more freeform.

The Shuffle Three 'Audiovase' smartphone music player comes in a variety of color options and can, if desired, be paired with a charging cable to charge devices as they play music.