These Smart Trash Cans Do Double the Work to Keep Your House Clean

 - May 7, 2015
References: brunosmartcan & hiconsumption
Dubbed the world's first smart trash can, 'bruno' is a trash can and a vacuum all-in-one. At first 'bruno' appears to be simply a sleek and contemporary trash can, but on the bottom of the can there is a built-in vacuum, which uses powerful vortex suction to pick up any crumbs, dust or dirt in its path.

Beyond its vacuum capabilities, bruno has several other features that make it the first smart trash cans of its kind. The device features a built-in storage pod for extra trash bags, and even has companion app to alert you when the bags are running low or when it is trash pickup day. Additionally, there is a motion sensing stainless lid that opens with just he wave of a hand. With so many features built right in, bruno has managed to make even our trash cans more efficient.