Wallflower Will Alert Users Who Forget to Turn the Stove Off

 - Jul 28, 2017
References: wallflower & digitaltrends
Wallflower is a three-part smart stove device that automatically turns a stove off if a user ever forgets to.

Every homeowner has experienced the lingering fear that they've forgotten to turn the stove off before leaving in the morning -- an unlikely but highly dangerous event that results in prolonged anxiety. To resolve this issue, 'Wallflower' was conceived, keeping inhabitants safe and worry-free.

The system is comprised of three parts: a mobile app, a cloud service and a physical hardware device. The app will alert users if someone who shouldn't have -- like a child -- has tried to use the stove, if the stove has been running for longer than usual or through location detection, if someone left the house while the stove was still running.