The Brightly Colored 'Smart Mouth' Coffee Packaging Encourages Sarcasm

American designer Yael Safirstein created these incredibly creative neon paint-splattered packages for Smart Mouth Coffee. In addition to the lime green splatters, each bag of Smart Mouth Coffee is labeled with a sassy name, which is inspired by the actual flavor of the coffee.

Each unique bag is labeled with a phrase such as "Smooth + Sarcastic Roast" or "Bold + B*tchy Roast." These names are particularly appealing to young female coffee consumers who frequently experience annoyance or lash out at people before having a cup of coffee.

The humorously labeled bags are a playful way to attract a younger demographic of caffeine consumers. While the younger generations are drawn to convenience and on-the-go coffees, these quirky packages might be a clever way to encourage homemade java instead.