The Smart Forgigs Concept Car Packs an Insane Sound System

 - May 20, 2015
References: media.daimler & gizmag
The Smart Forgigs is a one-of-a-kind concept car that is fitted with a next-level sound system. This system, which includes five amplifiers, 16 loudspeakers and a pair of 30-cm diameter subwoofers, is capable of producing ear-blasting outputs of 5,720 Watts and 150 decibels.

A trio of JBL GTO 8044 EZ amplifiers work with the tweets and mid-range speakers, with mid-range speakers integrated into the dashboards and doors. A pair of amps power the subwoofers, which are deftly stashed inside the car's rear luggage compartment.

The Smart Forgigs is not slated to become a production car, but is really a study and exploration of the limits of automotive audio engineering. The car could potentially be used as a 'concert halls on wheels' or perhaps as a mobile amplifier for street musicians.