Magic Leap Patented a Design for VR Smart Contact Lenses

 - Sep 8, 2015
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Wearable and optical technology company 'Magic Leap' has patented the design for incredible augmented reality contact lenses. Information and images displayed on the lenses would be similar to that of Google Glass, only it will be directly on the wearer's eyeballs -- making the virtual experience even more realistic.

The lenses will project microscopic images, however they will appear to be life-sized because of their proximity to the eye. These augmented reality contact lenses could be used for intensely realistic gaming, interactive movie-watching or anything else scientists and designers can think of.

With this augmented reality patent and Google's Lens that has illness-diagnosing capabilities, technology is propelling us farther into a futuristic world. Getting closer and closer to a science fiction reality, these smart contact lenses pave the way for the future of human-implanted technology.