The Nissan 'ProPILOT' Smart Chairs Make Lining Up a Relaxed Endeavor

 - Sep 28, 2016
References: nissannews & damngeeky
Autonomous technology has powerful capabilities on the road, but the Nissan 'ProPILOT' smart chairs look to highlight how it can be useful in the world-at-large. The Nissan 'ProPILOT' chair works by enabling consumers to take a seat when queuing at a restaurant or a store. Rather than have to shift their seat or get up each time the line moves, the Nissan 'ProPILOT' chair will do the work for them and move autonomously.

When a person in the line gets up to get served, the Nissan 'ProPILOT' smart chairs will cycle through and go back to the beginning to be utilized by the next customer.

The Nissan 'ProPILOT' chairs are currently available to see at the global Nissan headquarters until October 2nd. Applications are being accepted from Japan-based restaurants until December 27th that want to implement the chairs for queuing purposes.