The Slope Desk by Jenk is Quirky But Clever

 - Sep 4, 2011
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Usually, workstations and tables are defined by the level horizontal surfaces that allow the user to place his objects with guaranteed stability, but the Slope Desk by Jenk Design Office renders this criterion askew. Instead of providing a flat plane on top of its four legs, this fetching piece of furniture is ever so slightly angled towards the person seated before it.

It may thus not ideally accommodate a full cup of tea, but the implication of this subtle inclination means your body will thank you. The tapered tabletop contributes to an increasingly ergonomic design that allows your shoulders and upper back to relax as you write letters or type on your laptop.

Besides functionality, the Slope Desk by Jenk is quite aesthetically pleasing. The delightful hatched storage spaces also promote the utmost organization.