Slimy Recycled Fashion

 - Sep 15, 2007   Updated: May 11 2011
References: spluch.blogspot
This swimwear is fashioned from the 'unused' skins of the tropical tilapia fish. Millions of fish skins worldwide are thrown away. Entrepreneurs in Thailand have found a use for these slimy scales - they've turned them into bikini fabric. I'm not sure if it makes you swim faster, but, darn it, you're one swoosh away from being a real mermaid.

Implications - With society heading towards a greener lifestyle, brands are looking for ways to promote themselves as environmentally friendly. Reusing material has become a popular choice and it's been effective in restoring life into forgotten objects. It's a lot more cost-efficient and it's a great way to market the business as a legitimate eco-conscious brand that's attractive to consumers living a green lifestyle.