NightLift Lifts and Supports While Wearers Sleep

 - Oct 10, 2016
References: nightlift & buzzfeed
NightLift has released a sleeping bra that was specifically designed to protect breasts and prevent sagging when wearers sleep. The hug-like feeling is designed to keep the breasts immobile during the night.

The sleeping bra was created by a plastic surgeon, Randal Haworth, because he noticed in his years of practice that women who wore bras had a perkier and smoother appearance than women who did not. However, the regular bras did not provide the proper support when the women were laying down.

Many women detest going to bed in a regular bra because it is uncomfortable, makes them feel restricted as they toss and turn at night. The sleeping bra doesn't have wires like a regular bra does, but instead uses multiple straps to hold one's chest in place. The sleeping bra comes in a variety of sizes and designs, making ideal for those seeking support and comfort while sleeping. NightLift offers a range of lingerie products besides the sleeping bra, like panties and baby dolls.