This Infographic Highlights the Differences Between Men and Women

 - Jul 11, 2014
References: mybedframes & designtaxi
Men and women are made to be biologically different when it comes to everything -- even in the way we sleep as this sleep habits infographic clearly portrays.

Highlighting the differences between the sleeping habits of men and women, this interesting infographic interviews 1,000 adults to give us the dirt on how the other sex likes to snooze and even what annoys both sexes when it comes to their partners sleeping habits.

Created by UK company MyBedFrames, the sleep habits infographic does a great job breaking it all down and giving us the numbers to support it.
The infographic gives you all the info you need to know, from how both men and women like to relax before bed to the most common pet peeves to favorite sleeping positions -- surprisingly, both males and females prefer the spoon position!