The Skon Hoodie Light Helps to Brighten up That Smile

 - Apr 14, 2010
References: yankodesign
Hey, just because you like to wear a hoodie doesn't give you an excuse to hide your face in a shroud of darkness like some creature of the night. Let everyone see that gorgeous mug with the Skon Hoodie Light. It's like an illuminated picture frame for your skull!

Often when you think of combining any kind of electronics with clothing, you are either assuming that it is going to be gaudy or be a fire hazard. That's not the case here though, no sir. The Skon Hoodie Light downplays the whole gimmicky side of it with the light string being simply an aspect of the hoodie rather than the main focal point. You can even dim the light too, in case you don't feel like looking angelic ALL day long.