Skorpion Skates

 - Oct 3, 2007   Updated: May 4 2011
References: skorpionskates & trendhunter
A mix between traditional 4-wheeled skates and a skateboard, the Skorpion brand skates offers a unique experience. Users strap the Skorpions on over their favorite shoes and partake in some urban skating, city commuting, rink skating, recreational & fitness skating, family recreational skating, campus commuting, roller dancing, and kite skating. There is even a Multi Terrain version for off-roading.

Implications - Not everyone can afford cars, and so, they opt for different types of transportation with much more simplistic mechanical needs. Simple transportation pieces such as bikes and skateboards have been given a makeover for a mass audience. These strap-on skates should inspire companies to look at ways of reinventing other, basic transport vehicles to cater to those who wish to commute in other ways.