IO Hawk Makes the Convenience of Powered Boarding Accessible to Many

 - Jan 6, 2015
References: mashable & dailymail
If you find the appearance of of the standard segway a little bit dorky, you may instead be interested in taking this skateboard segway hybrid for a spin. Inspired by one manual and one motorized means of transportation, this compact vehicle makes the convenience of both separate vehicles much more accessible.

Not everybody has the coordination and the leg strength to get around by a wooden board on wheels, and nor can many consumers afford the price tag for a powered two-wheeler with handlebars. The IO Hawk's hourglass shape integrates a pair of rollers that have foot pads on either side. With unexpected ease, the user can simply balance on the compact 22-pound conveyance, using subtle movements with his or her toes to steer the skateboard segway. You could give it a test drive at CES 2015.