Sity by Sonik Module Wraps itself Around an Urban Park

 - Jun 2, 2012
References: sonikmodule & yankodesign
In terms of practicality, there isn't much of a purpose for Sity by Sonik Module but its dramatic visual presence completely makes up it. The sweeping sculptural structure coils itself around a lengthy urban park. It creates spectacular overhead arches and seems to scoop down beneath the earth and under segments of a meandering river.

The formal inspiration for this fluid futuristic installation comes from the wavy shape of the ancient Chinese Dragon; however, an undulating silhouette has been enhanced for an even more theatrical effect as a gradually narrowing helix. Vivid reflective cladding turns the slinky surface into a sweeping corkscrewing snake that pulls and distorts fragments of its diverse Shangai surroundings for the mesmerized eyes of the public. Sity by Sonik Module celebrates the beauty and significance of green spaces in its manifestation of an enormous and unconventional frame.