The Sinjinmal Building is Extremely Slim

 - Jun 21, 2014
References: studio-gaon & designboom
The Sinjinmal Building located in South Korea was built by Studio-GAON, who pretty much had free reign as to what they came up with in terms of design. The result is a building that's extremely slender with an asymmetrical look.

On one side the team decided to put very few windows, considering that the only thing people would be looking out on is industrial plants. On the other side, however, Studio-GAON did the opposite, and made most of the facade out of glass to allow people to look out at the quieter residential area. Moreover, since there are not too many windows on the other side, this section allows for natural light to come through and illuminate the interior. While the building is slim, there's is still a decent amount of space inside.

Photo Credits: designboom, studio-gaon