Roland Emmerich Announces His Newest Project Singularity

 - Sep 14, 2011
References: collider & io9
Hard science-fiction, the literary subgenre that concentrates on detail to scientific fact, will no longer be receiving the shaft from pop media thanks to Roland Emmerich and his newest project, Singularity.

According to Ray Kurzweil, the scientist who coined the term, the Singularity is the hypothetical emergence of artificial intelligence, cyborgs and an event horizon that makes it impossible to predict the near future. Kurzweil thinks people have already entered this human epoch and Roland Emmerich is catching on. Appropriately entitled Singularity, the German director's newest project hopes to explore the strange future of humans and computers together. Although the film is still in pre-production, filming is set to begin in late March.

Personally, I think Emmerich's most recent box office attempts (10,000 B.C. and 2012) were both financial failures. As an avid fan of cyberpunk fiction, I'm crossing my fingers that Singularity delivers on its promise.