Silvia Massacesi's Bag and Clutch Designs Embody Eco-Luxury

Despite of resembling wood and enamel Art Deco accessories, these bags by Silvia Massacesi are made using everyone's favourite eco materials, cork and paper.

Entitled "Trasformazione Est-Etica", Silvia Massacesi's latest collection fuses aesthetics with ethical design practices. The designer creates luxurious and classically elegant pieces that are reflective of past era inspirations and does so in a way that is sustainable and ecologically responsible.

The fashion designer collaborated with Davide Mariani to create these natural cork and recycled paper accessories that feature a flexible and resistant design.

Her pieces are crafted using a "sandwich system that alternates layers of cork and paper while enriching the bags with decorative accents, made by combining classic Italian craftsmanship with modern technology."