Finally a Solution for all those Annoying Ring Tones

 - Jan 5, 2007   Updated: Apr 21 2011
References: blog.wired
As much as this might seem like a joke, people with those annoying ring tones of Britney Spears jingles and various Bart Simpson sayings should take note. The pleasure of hearing beautiful silence might just what you need after a busy day.

Implications - The ring tone was designed by conceptual artist Jonathon Keats. He's created a version of one of John Cage's famous piano pieces that's four minutes and thirty-three seconds of silence. Keats decided to write "My Cage" to show pure unadulterated silence, since Cage couldn't really achieve this due to the limits of technology at the time.

Jonathon Keats' "My Cage" is available for download for free from Start Mobile. He's also encouraging others to remix and mash-up is composition.