Shredsors Will Let You Shred Your Documents Wherever You Are

 - Jan 9, 2014
References: fancy
If you have sensitive information that you need destroyed but don't want to financially invest in a shredder, then Shredsors is the tool to get the job done right.

With an easy grip plastic handle and nine metal blades, Shredsors look like a pair of scissors on steroids after it hit the gym hard for two hours. Shredsors is the perfect tool for making credit cards, junk mail, college rejection letters and photographs of exes unrecognizable.

While you'll no doubt purchase Shredsors for completely legitimate uses at first, you'll more likely than not have too much fun turning office memos and statements from your bank into strips of confetti, until the next thing you know you're "Shredsoring" your curtains. So please be sure to Shredsor with caution.