These Accessories are Perfect for the Gun Enthusiast

 - Jul 18, 2013
References: gungoddess
These shotgun shell fridge magnets are perfect for the hunting and firearms enthusiast. Whether you are using these for proudly posting pictures of your hunting trips, your children's grades and even to-do lists, the shotgun shell fridge magnets will get the job done.

The shotgun shell fridge magnets come in sets of four and are made from real pieces of spent ammunition; they come in your choice of brass or nickel. To ensure maximum hold and strength the magnets are backed with rare earth magnets which are some of the most powerful available.

These shotgun shell fridge magnets will make a great gift for hunters, policemen, collectors and gun enthusiasts. If everyone in the household isn't in favor of having these ballistic magnets on the kitchen fridge, they can also be used in the man cave, the office or at the cottage.