Is the FU Lounge Chair Considered ‘Mobile' Seating?

 - Jan 26, 2009
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Fernando ’FU’ Paullada’s yellow-green shopping cart chair is the outcome of a junior-year design project to design and build a Danish Modern chair. He submitted the ‘Vogal’ for that purpose, and his design got him in the door with Sami Hayek (see the video).

But, as often happens with artists, Paullada’s creative juices were bubbling over by the time he finished the project. He just couldn’t stop. He purchased a shopping cart and spent a weekend cutting, grinding and bending it into shape.

Paullada is originally from Mexico City, but has been living in Los Angeles for several years. He is an engaging character full of youthful energy and enthusiasm. He’s very interested in green design. Paullada demonstrated this by reusing a shopping cart for his lounge chair and building from sustainable materials in the Vogel chair.

After showing his FU Lounge Chair at school, he was challenged by folks who saw his design as it resembled one titled, "Consumer Rest," done by Germany’s Frank Schreiner in 1983. To this, Paullada replies,"Now, believe it or not, I made this chair without any previous knowledge of Frank Schreiner’s chair, yeah talk about a design student who didn’t know about it, how about that… (shame, shame, shame)"

"My chair was made out of mere impulse and no previous planning and that’s the truth and it’s up to you to believe it or not. So now that you know and I know, Please don’t give me more crap, I’m up to my neck in it. Thanks."

OK then, we’ve cleared that up!

The video above explores green design as Paullada meets up with internationally known L.A.-based Sami Hayek. Yes Hayek is actress Salma’s younger brother.