This Project Turns a Mobile Message into Vibrant Laser Beam Art

Filipe Vilas-Boas created something truly amazing inside the Saint-Eustache Cathedral in Paris.

Art, culture et Foi and Nuit Blanche Paris permitted Vilas-Boas to set up an interactive installation where laser beams are projected onto the ceiling simply by sending a text message. Every time a text message is sent, laser beams make their way from the pillars to the ceiling based on predefined parameters already present in the church’s architecture.

"The pillars are used as launch stations that carry the star to its final destination on the ceiling of the church via the arches and vaults. Like all of us, each star finds its place at its own speed with its individual trajectory."

This unique installation encourages visitors to reflect on their personal experience with life and religion. The main purpose of the installation is to communicate with the Heavens using current technology, where light beams represent spirits entering into Heaven.