The Shoot App by BitTorrent Provides an Alternative to the Cloud

 - Jun 17, 2015
References: getsync & fastcompany
Currently, one of the best ways to share large files is through the cloud, yet the Shoot app hopes to change. It's BitTorrent's answer to the monopoly of such a necessary action. Specifically addressing file transfers between mobile devices, the Shoot app centers on the company's new Sync technology, which is being positioned to compete directly with services like Dropbox and Google Drive.

Convenient and fast, the Shoot app works using the Internet or a local network to identify other devices with permission to share files, bypassing the need for a central server. Yet what most consumers will appreciate is the focus on extreme privacy, which is attained through a separate identity assigned to a user by the Shoot app. Overall, people will love using it to share spontaneous content.