The Shoka Bell Incorporates Illumination and Alarm Features

 - Aug 4, 2016
References: getshoka & kickstarter
The Shoka Bell is a smart cycling bell that is designed for the cyclist who doesn't want to have to ride around with a whole array of gadgets and would rather have a small, compact and self-contained product that takes care of all their needs.

This smart bell doesn't just sound alerts that you can use to communicate with cyclists, motorists and pedestrians alike, but it even has its very own built-in navigation system that ensures that you don't get lost again. It also comes with a front light and a security alarm.

Another interesting feature of this smart bicycle bell is the fact that it features an array of eight different sounds. You can use a honking sound in loud traffic or opt for a more subtle sound if you're biking in a quiet trail.

With its flexibility and versatile utility, the Shoka Bell well and truly embraces the modern ethos of offering multiple functions in compact packages.