The That Shirt Gray by 'Skreened' Takes Lingo and Makes it Laughable

 - May 19, 2013
References: skreened
The That Shirt Gray Top by Sckreened takes a whimsical approach to words and phrases. It is no surprise that today's younger generation are constantly inventing, re-imagining and altering the pronunciation of words. One example of this is "cray," a term used to express how crazy something is and often results in a cringing reaction from lovers of the English language.

Some people see terms like these as offensive to the English vernacular, while others seem them as mildly entertaining. However, the That Shirt Gray Top by Sckreened finds a healthy balance between puns and popular slang. In the place of saying that this shirt is cray, it takes a laughably literal approach by proclaiming that this shirt is gray. Now people will know the exact color of your shirt -- in case there was any doubt -- and they will also bear witness to your witty sense of humor.