$20 Rooms at 41 Berangan Hotel for Credit Crunch Travel

 - May 6, 2009
References: 41berangan & springwise
Keep your eye out for pop-up shipping container hotels in the coming months. Foldable container shelters are cheap, recyclable, and incredibly popular around the world. Featured in the gallery is the 41 Berangan hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It has 11 rooms, 9 of which are attached to a main complex, and two 20-foot shipping ‘courtyard rooms’ with garden views.

Rates range from 80 rm to 200 rm, or about $23 - $57 US.

Guests sleep on recyclable paper pallet beds, they have Internet access and get a continental breakfast with their stay.

One of the reasons shipping container hotels like the foldable 41 Berangan are popular is because they are significantly cheaper to build, hence their cost per night is also much more affordable. With the global credit crunch, budget hotels have never been more popular.

Shipping container architecture was a booming building craze last year—we saw everything from shipping container condo lofts to makeshift schools made of old cargo crates. With the economy not having recovered yet, we expect shipping container architecture to continue to pop up.