The Shelved Cooking Cuts Energy Consumption by Half

 - Nov 24, 2011
References: unquidesigners & fastcodesign
A lot of waste happens in the kitchen and the Shelved Cooking concept hopes to eliminate a good chunk of that waste. From food to water and, obviously, energy, people often don't even realize how much they are actually wasting. The Shelved Cooking helps those particular individuals by simply not expending the amount of energy that contemporary kitchens use.

Conceived by young French designers Arnaud Le Cat, Esther Bacot and Luther Quenum, Shelved Cooking is inspired by a traditional Norwegian cooking technique that could effectively cut energy consumption by half. Comprised of two vats that contain copper-wire induction hotplates and embedded in a work surface mounted on trestles, Shelved Cooking is insulated in such a way as to keep the hotplates hot even after they are turned off. Thus, people can continue to cook and not use energy.