The Shellphone Loudspeaker Uses a Conch to Louden Your Tunes

 - May 21, 2013
References: waamindustries & likecool
A conch shell is no longer just a home for a sea creature or a way to 'hear' the ocean because the Shellphone Loudspeaker delicately transforms the aquatic piece into a smartphone amplifier. Looking beautiful and requiring absolutely no power, the Shellphone Loudspeaker makes use of a natural shape that is perfect for making the sound coming from your smartphone that much louder.

The strategic placement of the Shellphone Loudspeaker is key to how it works; a small open portion towards the top of the device is where the phone is placed and helps to bounce the sound waves off of the interior towards the larger opening. What's produced is a sound that's crisp, clear and created using a natural design.