These Handmade Cookies are Designed to Look Like Wooly Lambs

If you're looking for an animal-themed cookies are designed to look like adorable miniature wooly sheep. Made from scratch, these cookies are a fun at home project to make for fundraisers, parties or events.

Food blog Bake At 350 begins these cookies by making a sugar cookie dough that is then cut using a skull cookie cutter. The shape replicates a sheep's rounded body and gives the decorator room to add little legs. The decorations are made using royal black and white icing that is filled into squeeze bottles. The sheep's body can be made in a cloud-like shape followed by a rounded black head complete with more wooly scruff at the top and two little legs. These cookies are relatively easy to make and the simple design allows them to be quickly replicated several times so you can make dozens and dozens in a quick pinch.