The Sheath Scissors Can be Pivoted to Safely Enclose the Second Edge

 - Dec 3, 2013
References: quirky
With the Sheath Scissors, you've got a pair of snippers, a box cutter and an x-acto knife all in one. There's now a safer way to use scissors for alternative tasks, and no reason to bother stocking up on multiple sharp-edged utensils.

Sonia Covarrubias-Garcia designed this flexible utility knife, which is now being manufactured by Quirky. Unlike most implements of its vague sort, this one has one extra broad thumb hole handle that integrates a generous slot up its side. This gap accommodates the retraction of the upper blade, containing it and keeping its honed edge covered. This enables you to grip the Sheath Scissors safely and use the single knife-like side for all sorts of purposes.