Sharkbanz are the World's First Shark Deterrent Wearable Bands

 - Aug 14, 2017
References: facebook & sharkbanz
While Discovery Channel's annual 'Shark Week' programming continues to satisfy our obsession with the ocean's deadliest predator, one company has come up with a gadget that actually keeps us safe from the toothy creatures. Born out of a "unifying fear of shark attacks," Sharkbandz offers a high-tech solution to an age old problem.

Sharkbanz is a tech-forward company that aims to keep surfers and swimmers safe from sharks. The company was founded by Nathan Garrison and David Garrison as a way to offer consumers protection and peace of mind when entering shark-infested waters. After three years of design, development, and testing, the father-son duo developed a gadget that offers a simple, effective, affordable, and stylish solution for protecting against sharks.

The Sharkbanz wearable is a high-tech band that is specifically designed to deter sharks from 'hit and run' attacks against swimmers and surfers. To do so, the wearable capitalizes on a shark's electroreceptors, which help them to 'see' what is around them by judging the size and distance of nearby creatures. The Sharkbanz wearable thus relies on strong permanent magnets that disrupt these electrical sensors, and create a highly unpleasant sensation that momentarily overwhelms the sharks. This technology does not actually harm the sharks, and simply helps them to determine that the human swimming near them is not food or a threat.

Best of all, the Sharkbanz wearable is extremely easy to use. Users simply strap the band on their wrist or ankle, and then hop in the water as they normally would. The device does not require any batteries or charging due to the patented magnetic technology inside, thus "providing real protection and greater peace of mind."

Backed by over a decade of scientific research and numerous user testimonials, the Sharkbanz wearables are the ultimate ocean accessory.

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