The 'Shark Wranglers' Infographic Looks at the Species in Depth

 - Aug 7, 2012
The 'Shark Wranglers' infographic gives an in-depth look at individual species and the fascinating aspects of sharks. Whether you're fascinated or terrified, this infographic gives some great information on where to seek out sharks, or, on the flip-side, avoid them.

The 400 million year-old species can grow up to 60 feet long and have a range of 400 species on this earth today. The incredibly misjudged creature actually only kills about 6 people each year, whereas supposed 'tame' animals like hippos and elephants take down 3,000 and 500 approximately, respectfully. When sharks are placed in comparison to these other animals, they can actually come off as fairly tame. However, Hollywood has assigned a certain view of sharks that has led to greater fear and misunderstanding of the fascinating species.