These Insulting Shakespeare Theme Bandages are Hilarious

 - Aug 6, 2013
References: fancy
Using the works of one of the most popular writers of all time, these Shakespeare theme bandages are a humorous way to cover up any small injuries you may have.

Replicating the language that The Baird used, these bandages have insulting sayings written across the top of them. As an example, one of phrases used is 'Do thou amend thy face, and I'll amend my life.' Also, on the bandage is a little picture of either Shakespeare or an old writing utensil, and it also includes the book that the quote comes from. This allows everyone to know these are Shakespearian insults, even if someone isn't familiar with his work. These Shakespeare theme bandages are a great way to cover up a cut, and a hilarious way to throw an insult at someone while protecting an open wound.