Shake-On Provides Essential Event Services and Optimization

 - Feb 7, 2017
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Shake-On is an event management solution that provides a variety of functions to encourage networking, organize, and assess analytics at events that companies are holding.

The Shake-On bracelets are able to gather "real-time insights on visitors' behavior" by allowing attendees to connect digitally with each other through shaking hands. Exhibitors are also able to view real-time insights into their performance and get visitors' attention, while event organizers can understand attendees' behavior through metrics that measure popular areas, traffic and access control. The comprehensive overview, both real-time and once the event is finished, lets companies understand and optimize best practices in the future.

The Shake-On brand is able to put an entirely new and innovative spin on event management and organization by expanding organizer's abilities to assess and understand which aspects of the event are successful and which are not.