The Shadow Dexterous Hand Can Mimic Our Movements

 - Nov 26, 2009
References: dvice
The Shadow Dexterous Hand was seem at Tokyo’s International Robot Exhinibition 2009. It comes with the CyberGlove which one wears when remotely operating this mechanical limb. In combination the glove and mechanical hand allow this robot to mirror the movements of a human hand.

The Shadow Dexterous Hand is as gentle as our own and by using the CyberGlove one can perform actions as delicate as cradling an egg, writing with a pen and picking up strawberries (without denting them). It is actually capable of making up to 24 distinct movements.

UK-based Shadow Robot Company developed the CyberGlove and Shadow Dexterous Hand. Check out this video of the Shadow Dexterous Hand in action.