The Sexual Assault Voices of Edmonton New Campaign is Riveting

 - Dec 5, 2012
References: & buzzfeed
The Sexual Assault Voices of Edmonton is debuting some intense and fantastic new ads to combat rape and sexual assault. The bold new ads are directly focused as creating a difference between "sex" and "rape" to enlighten people.

The ads are created around situations that could lead to an unconsentual sexual experience: a passed out woman, a man changing his mind and a woman in a situation where she simply says no. What is amazing about these ads is that it truly places the blame on the rapist, not the victim, which is important to combat rape culture.

These ads by the Sexual Assault Voices of Edmonton are meant to challenge societal understandings of rape and give way to a greater universal understanding of the difference between rape and sex. The "Don't be that guy" slogan is also a nice touch that in no way glorifies the act of sexual violence.