'SevenBillion' Will Give You a Sense of the Human Population's Size

 - Nov 3, 2011
References: ngm.nationalgeographic & io9
According to most estimates, the world reached a new population milestone on October 31st, and the appropriately titled 'SevenBillion' iOS application will give you a more insightful glimpse into a planet dwarfed by its billions of human inhabitants.

National Geographic felt the date of the world's seven billionth modern birth was worthy of celebration and reflecting, so the company gathered its most stunning photos, videos and infographics into a free app for your iPod or iPad. While some may find the prospect of yet another human baby delightful, each new birth leaves humanity with less time to deal with the environmental and Malthusian crises in the near future. So take a few minutes to download this free app and think about your place as a single person and your impact on the shape of things to come.