The Sensible Horror Film by ‘Pixelspersecond’ is Realistic

 - Oct 18, 2013
References: crystallynnxox.tumblr
This ‘Sensible Horror Film’ depicts what might happen if a traditional horror movie starred smart characters who make good decisions and are capable of critical thinking, especially in situations where things could go horribly wrong. 

The short YouTube film by ‘pixelspersecond’ parodies horror movies where you’re left screaming at a movie screen, berating a character for a choice that will ultimately end in their death.

The satirical Sensible Horror Film shows scenarios like a cheerleader asking a friend if he wants to join in on a trip to an abandoned mental asylum with an ouija board, which is brought to an anti-climactic end when he simply declines. Another humorous situation depicts some sort of evil being trying to entice a child to set him free, but the kid is soon distracted by games on his cell phone.