Trader Joe's Seltzer Water Features Sweet, Organic Fruit Juice

 - Sep 7, 2018
References: traderjoes
While the sales of sugar-laden sodas have plummeted over the past few years, seltzer water has stepped up in its place as an attractive sugar-, salt- and calorie-free alternative. As many health-conscious consumers are actively looking to avoid flavoring agents and sweeteners, Trader Joe's developed 'Seltzers With A Splash,' which replace these beverage additions with authentic, organic and flavorful fruit juices instead.

The vibrant options that Trader Joe's is now introducing as part of this Seltzers With A Splash range include Blood Orange & Orange Juice, Lemon & Ginger Juice and Cranberry & Lime Juice.

While these non-alcoholic, carbonated beverages are perfect for enjoying as they are straight out of their cans, Trader Joe's suggests that they may also be combined with spirits for making quick, easy cocktails.