The TableTap TableTender Lets You Pour Your Own Beer as You Please

 - Aug 4, 2009
References: tabletap & springwise
Imagine a pub where each table has its own keg, where you can refill at your thirst's content, and you get the gist of the vision TableTap had for the TableTender.

The TableTap TableTender has a meter that measures how much you've had to drink, which will then determine the amount you pay when leaving the bar. This is so much better than ordering a pitcher of beer (or a bottle of wine, in my case) and then still having to pay even if you couldn't finish it; this is a drink what you can, pay for consumption concept that's sure to take off.

Of course, TableTap had to put safety into consideration, so the TableTender ensures you can only drink "in moderation," allowing for a maximum of 11 pints of beer before a waiter comes to check on patrons and use their discretion to allow them to keep pouring.

11 pints? I'd have alcohol poisoning! Still, the TableTap TableTender concept is a brilliant one I'd certainly raise a glass to!